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Himalayan Salt Lamp –Night Light(Salt Chunks in Metal Basket)

Model No.: B0N-DW4
Description: - Mined and chiseled by hand in the Himalayan Mountains
- Contains various different minerals that promote healthy living.

- 10 benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp
(1) It Cleanse & Deodorize the Air. Purifies Bacteria from the Air.
(2) Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms.
(3) Eases Coughing. Relives Migraine Headaches.
(4) Increase Energy Levels.
(5) Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation.
(6) Improve Mood & Concentration. Reduces Stress and Prevent Depression.
(7) Better Sleep.
(8) Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder.
(9) Reduce Static Electricity in the Air.
(10) Environmentally-Friendly Light Source.
Specification: 110-240V plug base, on/off switch.
Max to use 7W bulb (1*4w bulb included).
Product Size:
Material: pc+Metal+Himalayan Salt

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